Drumming at Home

Getting Started

There is no doubt that the drums are an incredibly fun instrument to learn and play. Many would agree that they are also fantastically engaging to listen to, however your neighbours, parents, siblings, friends, and anyone in the general vicinity may disagree! Drums are typically a cumbersome and loud instrument, which leaves little scope for those of us living in smaller urban spaces… Or does it?

Despite this reputation, you would be amazed just how easy it is to start drumming at home with little to no equipment. Many great drummers such as Dave Grohl began with close to nothing, using all sorts of things in lieu of a kit.

All you need is a surface to hit (gently!) with your hands. While I do suggest investing in some sticks*, as they are inexpensive and will open the door to lots of potential learning, they aren’t necessary to begin!

The first thing many people learn in drums is the so-called “money beat”. This is a very simple yet effective drum pattern that can be heard on a huge array of songs (i.e. Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”). It’s a great place to start and a really fun coordination challenge for beginners.

  1. Begin by repeating out loud “1 and 2 and” at a slow steady pace, making sure that each syllable is spaced evenly.
  2. Start tapping one hand lightly along with every syllable.
  3. Now, whenever you count “1”, stomp your right foot on the floor.
  4. Lastly, use your free hand to tap whenever you count “2”.

Congratulations! You’ve just played your first drum beat. With some practice, it will get you a long way in your drumming career. Next, I would suggest learning about the different drums and sounds that make up a standard kit.

If you enjoyed this mini-lesson, don’t hesitate to get in touch for your free 30 minute starter session.

* A set of “Nova 5A” sticks are a great place to begin. After that, you may want to get a “practice pad” to make working on stick control and technique easier. Both the sticks and pad should only run you £20-30, and are important if you’re serious about learning to play!